Bite out of crime - A NYPD canine unit questions a man after finding two bags he left unattended outside a subway entrance off Times Square.

Cold Ride - Walking through an icy vestibule on the Amtrak Lake Shore Limited.

Eye on the Dough - Cervellon keeps his eye on the pizza dough as he tosses it in the air. Cervellon crafts his pizza masterpieces at the Giordanos Pizza restaurant located at Prudential Plaza in Chicago.

The Bean - The Chicago Cloud Gate sculpture commonly called "the Bean," is located in Millennium Park in the Loop community.

A father's eyes - Joseph Hamilton of Killeen, Texas watches the scenery of Illinois go by on the Texas Eagle. He is a regular Amtrak passenger, crossing the U.S. by train to visit his children. He worked for years in the auto industry before retirement He played tight end for the Alabama Crimson Tide under Coach Bear Bryant.

Desert view - Noritoshi Ikezawa, a Japanese photographer reads as the Sunset Limited rolls through the West Texas desert.

Big Bend Park - Noritoshi Ikezawa, a Japanese photographer in the Amtrak Sunset Limited club car on the way to Los Angeles in the Big Bend Park in West Texas

Adobe and Brick - The El Paso Amtrak station in the bright skies of Texas.

Step on Board - A bright yellow step at the El Paso Station beckons for the Sunset Limited.

Sheridan - Amtrak assistant conductor Sheridan, a fourth generation rail worker greets passengers at the Klamath Falls station.

Deep Blues - Central Oregon's Mount McLaughlin from the coast Starlight

Tim - Tim Campbell was a computer science graduate student at Cal Berkeley. When I met him, he was headed to Portland for treatment of Ewing's sarcoma, a rare form of cancer. At the time of this picture, he was Stage IV. He was originally diagnosed in August 2011and had been in remission twice. He went home to the Lord on September 15, 2015.

Eyes on the finish line - The series of portraits of Tim Campbell I shot were perhaps one of the highlights of my trip. I had struck up a conversation with him while riding through Southern Oregon. We talked for perhaps 45 minutes before he disclosed he had Stage IV cancer.We shared our faith in Christ with each other and I walked away having been touched by his spirit and faith. He went home to the Lord on September 15, 2015.

Gum Wall - Seattle's gum wall near the pike place market has been attracting memories for over 50 years. The historic alleyway was pleased of the gum in fall of 2015.

Mark - Mark is a coach car attendant on the Empire Builder. He is a fourth generation railroader and a wealth of knowledge of food to history on the stops from Seattle to Chicago.

Left Behind - The Empire Builder drops a coach car after discovering a broken wheel in Montana.

Poker Table - A friendly game of poker on the Empire Builder between Seattle and Chicago.

Nanda - City of New Orleans - Nanda King of Memphis travels to New Orleans. She was riding the City of New Orleans to enjoy a weekend away from her bail bond business. Her ex-husband had owned the largest bond company in Memphis and at his death left the business to her son. Both she and her current husband had worked for the company and were fired by her son. She has since opened a competing bond company.

Come unto Me - Jesus the Savior, "come unto me" from the back of St. Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Late Night Snack - A late night visitor enjoys a beignet at the Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans.

Celeste - Celeste is the conductor on the Amtrak Crescent She is a helpful and gracious woman who obviously loves what she's doing. I enjoyed watching her help several elderly passengers board the train in Birmingham, Alabama.

Mesmerizing - Iya Amibelle Olatunji mesmerized passengers with her stories during the stop at the Atlanta station on the Crescent. A longtime civil rights activist, she had been in Selma for the March across the bridge. Her late husband was renowned African drummer Babatunde Olatunji.