It’s not the camera that makes a great picture, it’s the person behind the camera.
As an photographic educator, I’m often asked what gear I use or recommend. Cameras have a job to do – capture what I see and reproduce it accurately. I rely on my gear to accurately reproduce what I am trying to capture and not need to be babied. Many of my students often become frustrated they don’t have the same equipment that I do. When this occurs, I simply remind them that I’ve been shooting pictures for over 30 years and have amassed a lot of equipment in that time.

My Camera bodies and lenses – from start to today
I have one bag I carry everyday (EDC) – to work, shopping, traveling, etc. The other sets are the equipment I use to shoot assignments.For over 40 years I used Canon gear as my primary equipment. I learned photography with a WWII vintage Canon rangefinder and from there I was hooked on Canon. That’s not to say that other camera manufacturers are not just as good, it’s simply that I’ve grown up using Canon cameras.
About 20 years ago, I began using Leica M4-P rangefinders and a couple of Leica lens for street shooting and some projects. Leica is known for their small size and extremely sharp lenses.
I stayed with Canon cameras for most of my career, but switched to Sony for their incredible eye focus system and use A9’s and a A7iii for the last six years of my career before retirement. They have become a major player in the camera industry.
After retiring, I decided to reduce my equipment bag and returned to Leica as my everyday camera. I have used PopFlash Photo as my primary dealer for Leica gear. Check withTony for some of the best info on Leica cameras. I picked up a Leica M11 and a Leica Q2.  I use three lens with my M11: 35mm Summilux 1.450mm Summilux 1.4, and 90mm Summicron 2.0

Everyday Carry Bag
Here’s what I carry in my EDC fanny pack/sling:
Leica M11
35mm Summilux 1.4
50mm Summilux 1.4
90mm Summicron 2.0
Extra M11 battery
Utility tool
Assignment/travel Bag
I like to work quick when I’m traveling or on assignment, so I utilize my fanny pack and a backpack. I have settled on a Eberlestock Switchblade as my backpack of choice. I love the versatility and ability to get to equipment easily. I will place my fanny pack in the bag and am able to retrieve it quickly with the fold down zipper system of the Switchblade. In addition to the equipment in my fanny pack, I also carry the following in the backpack:

Leica Q2
Battery for the Q2
Chargers for the M11 and Q2
iPad Pro 11″ with Magic Trackpad
Charger for the iPad
Dongle for the iPad
4gb SSD hard drive
Small jewelers screwdriver set

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